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Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 51534754
Closing Date 13 - Aug - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of saph paph seals and spares - rad hot end rotor post seal:129x1067x6, rad hot end inter seal:142x1372x2.5, rad hot end outboard seal:142x457x2.5, rad hot end i/b hold strip:89x1651x2.5, rad hot end inter hold strip:89x1346x2.5, rad hot end outboard rotor angle:, rad hot end outboard sealing angle:, rad hot end i/b seal(cw)142x1219x2.5, rad hot end i/b seal(ccw)142x1219x2.5, rad cold end rotor post seal:219x1119x6, rad cold end inter seal:178x1372x2.5, rad cold end o/b seal:178x457x2.5, rad cold end i/b hold strip:127x1600x2.5, rad cold end o/b hold strip:127x1346x2.5, rad cold end o/b seal tab:89x127x2.5, rad cold end i/b seal(cw)178x1168x2.5, rad cold end i/b seal(ccw)178x1168x2.5, rad cold end seal:51x1934x6, axial holding strip:44x1258x2.5, axial holding strip:44x1232x2.5, axial seal(cw)78x1110x2.5, axial seal(cw)78x1472x2.5, axial seal(ccw)78x1110x2.5, axial seal(ccw)78x1472x2.5, bypass holding strip:102x909x2.5, he sh 3.15x51x1016(paph), bypass holding strip:102x909x2.5, radial ce i/b hold strip:165x1562x2.5, radial he interm seal:142x1372x2.5, radial he o/b seal:142x457x2.5, radial he i/b hold strip:89x1613x2.5, radial he interm hold strip:89x1346x2.5, radial he rotor post seal:129x1067x6, radial he i/b seal(cw):142x1181x2.5, radial he i/b seal(ccw):142x1181x2.5, radial he o/b rotor angle, radial he o/b sealing angle, radial ce rotor post seal:247x1119x6, radial ce interm seal:222x1372x2.5, radial ce o/b seal:222x457x2.5, radial ce o/b hold strip:165x1346x2.5, radial ce o/b seal tab:89x127x2.5, radial ce i/b seal(cw):222x1130x2.5, radial ce i/b seal(ccw):222x1130x2.5, radial ce bypass seal ring:63x2399x6, axial he seal:25x76x2.5, axial he seal(cw):78x1110x2.5, axial ce seal(cw):78x1624x2.5, axial he seal(ccw):78x1110x2.5, axial ce seal(ccw):78x1624x2.5, axial he hold strip:44x1258x2.5, he by-pass seal(saph), he holding strip(saph), sh:51x1016x3.15, he by-pass seal angle(saph), ce by-pass seal(saph), ce holding strip(saph), ce sh 3.15x51x1016(saph), ce by-pass seal angle(saph), axial ce hold strip:44x1232x2.5, 29.5 vi:he static seal assembly, 29.5 vi:ce static seal assy, 32 vi 68(80):he static seal assembly, 32 vi 68(80):ce static seal assy, 29.5:axial seal straight edge assy, 29.5:radial seal straight edge assy, 32.5:radial seal straight edge assy, 32.5:axial seal straight edge assy, Nozzle pipe assy:2-al-301-00255, Nozzle pipe assy:2-al-301-00257, Nozzle pipe assy:2-al-301-00265, Nozzle pipe assy:2-al-301-00267, Nozzle pipe assy:2-al-301-00259.
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